Encyclopedias, dictionaries and handbooks

Use encyclopedias, dictionaries and other reference resources for overview articles, quick facts, and definitions.

  1. Encyclopedia of Religion, 2nd ed.
  2. Oxford biblical studies online
  3. Oxford Bibliographies Online
  4. Encyclopedia of global religion
  5. The Concise Oxford Dictionary of World Religions
  6. Encyclopaedia Judaica (2nd ed)
  7. A Concise Companion to the Jewish Religion
  8. Encyclopedia of the Bible and its Reception
  9. A dictionary of the Bible
  10. The Oxford companion to the Bible
  11. The Oxford Guide to People and Places of the Bible
  12. The Biblical World
  13. Encyclopedia of the Dead Sea Scrolls
  14. A Dictionary of Buddhism
  15. Encyclopaedia of Islam (2nd ed)
  16. Encyclopaedia of Islam, THREE
  17. Oxford Dictionary of Islam
  18. The Concise Oxford Dictionary of the Christian Church
  19. Bibliography of Canadian Religious History
  20. Vetus Latina: Bible Versions of the Latin Fathers

More encyclopedias, dictionaries and handbooks

  1. 2007 Year Book, Convention of Atlantic Baptist Churches
  2. Deuterocanonical and Cognate Literature Yearbook
  3. A Dictionary of Asian Mythology
  4. A dictionary of Celtic mythology
  5. Dictionary of Ethics, Theology and Society
  6. Encyclopedia of African American Religions
  7. Encyclopedia of African religion
  8. Encyclopedia of American Religions
  9. Encyclopedia of Death and Dying
  10. Encyclopedia of New Religious Movements
  11. Encyclopedia of Philosophy (2nd ed)
  12. Encyclopedia of Religion and War
  13. Encyclopedia of Religious Freedom
  14. Encyclopedia of Religious Rites, Rituals, and Festivals
  15. Encyclopedia of Science and Religion
  16. Encyclopedia of the Enlightenment
  17. Europa Sacra
  18. The History of Science and Religion in the Western Tradition: An Encyclopedia
  19. New Catholic Encyclopedia
  20. The Oxford Dictionary of Saints
  21. A Popular Dictionary of Paganism
  22. Religion and American Law: An Encyclopedia
  23. Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy
  24. Water Words Dictionary

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